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We’ve heard you loud and clear: You’re enthusiastic about making the world wide web more accessible, but not sure where to start. What exactly are you supposed to be doing for your WordPress website and other web content to make them more accessible?

We can help. And by we, we mean all of us together.

Important Accessibility Education and Information Links:

W3C Accessibility Standards Overview:

W3C Introduction to Web Accessibility course on edx:

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
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Red flag warning with two accessibility icons used by problematic overlays

Don’t be fooled into dropping in an “Accessibility” plugin or overlay and walking away. There are plug-ins that may help you get most of the accessible features without much effort, however, they cannot fix all issues and some don’t play well with others. And recent legal cases indicate that this false fix doesn’t save you from being sued.

They make big promises on something that can’t be delivered and then protect themselves from any accountability.

Currently: Overlay Company Sued for Breach of Contract, Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

Additional articles from both plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as testimonials from users tell the truth:

Overlay Fact Sheet:
Halfway down the page you read a few testimonials from actual users.

Lawyers comments regarding using an overlay:

Lainey Feingold, Disability Rights Lawyer = Honor the ADA: Avoid Web Accessibility Quick-Fix Overlays

Hunt Huey, ADA Defense = Is there a silver bullet for ADA website accessibility? Sorry, but the answer is no.

According to a recent survey, 43.3% of all websites are running WordPress. source: W3Techs

WordPress is very easy to use and is known for being the most flexible. WordPress Core meets accessibility standards. When you add a different theme or builder and then add things on top of it, the accessibility of the site may change.

WordPress designers who build websites fall into three categories: Novice, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced (including developers.) Some users are so fresh to WordPress that they don’t yet know what they don’t know.

When it comes to Accessibility, web designers fall into four additional categories: those that devote making accessible websites from the start, those that are educating themselves and making every effort they can, who have no idea what web accessibility is and attempt to fake it, and those who don’t know and wrongfully advise their clients not to worry about it.

Certain areas of your website will require manual efforts. On this website our intention is to assist you in doing more than simply meeting WCAG guidelines, it’s about the user experience and usability of the site. Accessibility is an ongoing effort. WordPress Core, themes and plugins offer incremental updates for functionality and security which can alter the accessibility of a website. Newly added content by website owners and designers can affect the accessibility of a website. It is important to stay on top of keeping your websites accessible.

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Currently we are transferring content from our other websites so we may not have what you are looking for, quite yet. Please keep in touch.

If you have a question regarding something we said during a presentation or you are stuck in an area and could use some feedback, drop us a message at our email

We do not charge to answer questions and help you to understand how to include accessibility in your website. We do have a limit, though. We want to educate so you can learn by doing it yourself. It would not be feasible for us to do all your work, so if you want us to design or remediate your site, we would then have to talk about costs.

We welcome your feedback and participation in our surveys. as we work together we can make a more accessible world.

We also use this site for live demonstrations and for live testing of themes, plugins and code. So there may be times that this website itself is not fully Accessible during those times. We welcome your feedback. If you use special adaptive equipment and encounter problems when using this website, please report them using the email .

This site is designed for offering tips and tools that can be helpful to website developers and designers at any level of experience. we also use this site to test Themes, Plugins and custom CSS. During times of testing and evaluation, this site may fall out of Accessibility. We do this so we can provide real-time user feedback on the tools, and tips we recommend.

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