Meetup 4 Good Faith Rules

Accessibility Web + WordPress  Meetup

Thanks for joining the Accessibility Web + WordPress Meetup (formerly WordPress San Fernando Valley Meetup)! We can’t wait to see you at an upcoming event.

Please read our 4 Good Faith Rules:

As we’re familiar with WordPress Meetups, we’ve adopted our 4 Good Faith Rules from WordPress’ 5 Good Faith Rules:

  1. This Meetup is for the benefit of the greater web accessibility learning community, and for the WordPress community as a whole; it is not intended to promote specific businesses, products, technology platforms, or individuals. All actions taken by event organizers are done with the best interests of the above communities in mind.
  2. Membership in the local Meetup group is open to those who wish to learn, regardless of ability, skill, financial status, or any other criteria.
  3. Meetups are volunteer-run with volunteer speakers.
  4. Meetups are welcoming places where everyone works to foster an accepting environment which is free of discrimination, incitement to violence, promotion of hate, and general jerk-like behavior.

Please also check out our Meetup Code of Conduct.