Remediation Links and More Accessibility Information

Thank you for attending the “Remediating a WordPress Site for Accessibility” presentation at WordCamp Riverside. The following list includes websites where you can get answers, some which include tutorials and videos. The PowerPoint presentation will be posted soon. The links on this page will open in a new window, so bookmark this page.

Our specialty is Web Accessibility, primarily on WordPress. Accessibility is very personal to many of us on this team. Our mission is to help business owners and web designers understand the value of an Accessible site and to educate web designers on how easy it is to accomplish. Follow us on Facebook. Ask questions. Attend our free webinars and workshops. Feel free to share the information we post, however, if you share our images or borrow any portion of our presentations, please give a shout-out or link back. Thank you.

Even if your budget is small, or your experience with WordPress is young, you can easily accomplish Accessibility. WCAG is not your enemy & Accessibility not only helps people with disabilities, it can make your website better for all your users. An Accessible website can increase your market reach by being inclusive, and increase the potential of referrals from people who previously couldn’t access your site.

You will find tutorials, articles and videos to help your understanding of Accessibilty and how you can accomplish it,

WordPress Accessibility Handbook

WEB AIM Checklist

Section 508 Update

Accessibility Designing PostersAccessibility Posters shown in the presentation were created by  an interaction designer, Karwai Pun, part of an accessibility group at Home Office Digital. Currently, there are six different posters in the series that cater to users from these areas: low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, dyslexia, motor disabilities, users on the autistic spectrum and users of screen readers. These posters can be downloaded from Github. Pun and the team welcome suggestions and edits, especially for additional languages.<

Understanding Contrast Ratio

List of 17 Color Contrast Analyzers & Checkers:

Color Contrast Analyzer:

Understanding Structure

ARIA Landmarks Explained and Examples

WAVE – or browser Add-on
Accessibility Insights for Web – browser Add-on
Browser Developer Tools – check your browser
Deque – Browser addon (Axe)
AInspector – Firefox Addon
AChecker –

A child theme allows you to change small aspects of your site’s appearance yet still preserve your theme’s look and functionality. Make all your Accessibility edits in your child them so they are preserved when your theme updates. efforts. This plugin is updated regularly. It will help with your skip links and ARIA tags and a few more items.

When you completed the manual editing of your site for Accessibility, but still find yourself struggling in one or another area, we have tested the following plugins for Accessibility:

SKIPLINKS If all your site is missing are skip links, then we suggest adding the specific lines of code to your functions.php file.  NO need for a plugin.

IMAGE TEXT ALTERNATIVES During the presentation, an image was shown that representing the problem with tools that auto add the text alternative. Your manual efforts of adding the text that best describes your image and how it fits with your content cannot be replaced by an automated tool.

When remediating a site where Text Alt had not been added to several images, you might consider using a plugin to find images, download the list, remediate, then uninstall plugin.

Accessibility Tools & Alt Text Finder

WP ADA Compliance Check Basic (Pro Version)

Be aware of the limitations of an auto generated image text alternative.

Example of auto generating text for an image:
small skunk in grassy area with flowersImage is a skunk in grassy area with flowers.
Click photo to launch new page with larger image.
The automated text wrote: “A picture containing grass, flowers, animal, mammal, kitten

If your content was about skunks, what better alt text description would you write?



If you have worked really hard, yet can’t get your menu to be Accessible, or you want a different look for your menu, consider these plugins.

Max Mega Menu – Open Source


Contact forms are a common failure.

Free- Contact 7 + Accessibility Addon:

Gravity Forms + Accessibility Addon ($59-$259)

Formidable Forms ($49-$399)