Warning – Don’t Be Taken In By Accessibility Overlay Quickie Solutions

Red flag warning with two accessibility icons used by problematic overlaysDon’t be fooled into dropping in an “Accessibility” plugin or overlay and walking away. There are plug-ins that may help you get most of the accessible features without much effort, however, they cannot fix all issues and some don’t play well with others.

There are many new vendors offering “one line of code” and overlay solutions  because they are technically easy-to-do and cheap-to-provide but they fail to deliver true accessibility to all. Web companies offer these quick fixes because of the commissions they make. These overlay companies promise 100% compliance in their marketing but relieve themselves of any liability in their terms and conditions. They make big promises on something that can’t be delivered and then protect themselves from any accountability.

Any company that promises Accessibility “without having to make any code or technical changes to your website”, “only one line of code” or “No web development”, “ or “no back-end systems integration of your site is necessary” or similar, is providing a product that doesn’t fix the most important problems and actually makes the websites more problematic to disabled users, by interfering with users existing assistive technology such as a screen reader.

Articles from both plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as testimonials from users substantiate this:

Overlay Fact Sheet: (opens in new window) http://bit.ly/Overlay-fact-sheet
Halfway down the page you read a few testimonials from actual users.

Lawyers comments regarding using an overlay:

Lainey Feingold, Disability Rights Lawyer = Honor the ADA: Avoid Web Accessibility Quick-Fix Overlays (opens in new window)  https://www.lflegal.com/2020/08/quick-fix/

Hunt Huey, ADA Defense = Is there a silver bullet for ADA website accessibility? Sorry, but the answer is no. (opens in new window) http://accessdefense.com/?p=5378

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